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Events are Live.  Deadlines are real.

Oz Rock legends Cold Chisel performed a ticketed event the evening before our client was scheduled to hold their annual conference welcome event to 700 delegates. On the same space!

Just to clarify, this was an open space on the waterfront, open to the elements, where every piece of infrastructure had to be installed.

Cold Chisel had over 2,000 patrons to their concert, using a full-scale concert production rig, food outlets, toilets, generators, fencing, ticket booths, and of course all the rubbish that comes with a concert event.

Aspect EIGHT had just 18 hours to turn the entire site around.

Aspect EIGHT dealt directly with the concert producer and sub-contractors to bump out the concert; to a precise schedule; and with access to only one loading dock.  Once this was done we built a 1000m2 free span marquee (normally a two day build); bump in furnishings, staging, technical production, sponsors booths, entertainers and catering facilities. Then we conducted rehearsals.

The event was a success and yes of course...

the deadline was achieved

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