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To deliver a corporate message through an event, you better make sure you have engaged the emotions.

There is little retention of a message if its void curiosity, visual dynamics…and just a touch of WOW! 

Multi-national pharmaceutical giant Merial (Now Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health) came to Aspect EIGHT to help unveil a new product to their audience of 700 veterinarians. 

We needed a technically capable venue and one that would impress both rural and local guests alike. With Sydney as the backdrop; we selected White Bay Passenger Terminal.

Following a day of professional development at the recently openedHyatt Regency, our guests journey kicked off with sunset cocktails on Sydney Harbour then into the venue for dinner and a very strongly brand message with one of our favourite MC's Shelley Craft. Delivered though interspersed technical content, visual overload and intriguing interviews from a 20m balcony, the new product and logo in a climax of dance performance. 

In order to keep the surprises coming, desserts paraded through the audience to lead guests to a whole new space filled with the discovery of festival of entertainment, delicacies and dance. 

The five-coloured logo was repeatedly utilised in the entertainment, lighting, lasers, table centres, and

even the food.  The product is now an industry standard!

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