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In the world of professional event production, understanding the audience is an essential aspect of communicating and entertaining. 

Our client Queensland Nickel had had a bumper year and they wanted to show off.  The brief was simple… give us “The Greatest Show on Earth”. So we did.

With 1500 guests, aged from 18 to 66, we had to make the brief a reality for everyone.  We took complete control of an entertainment centre and set out to create events within an event; and unique spaces within the space.

'Cabaret' was for those wanting world-class entertainment, as well as a comfy chair to enjoy the show.

'Freak Show', was exactly that - international freaks brought in from around the globe who seemed to compete with each other on pain tolerance…definitely not for the faint hearted!  

Then there was 'Big Top' - with a range of iconic performers complimented by aerial and floor-based entertainers, this arena spectacular razzled and dazzled everyone.

Guests roved through each of the environs, all the while being entertained by spot roving performances…to keep the energy flowing. 

1 Event; 94 Entertainers; 3 Unique Shows and 1500 Very Happy Guests.

'The Greatest Show on Earth' - Job Done.

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