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When what you need is not available – get creative!

Picture a Gala Awards dinner for 600 people, and a theme of 'Alice in Wonderland’ to be held in a slightly dated ballroom; and in a city that has limited event resources, let alone specialised ones.

Aspect EIGHT had less than 12 hours to bump in a gala event for 700 pax - and create a magical world beyond reality.

Not deterred by a good challenge, we designed a complete Wonderland theme utilising our specialised offshore theming partners. The result was an entire custom solution that was shipped to site ready for installation.

Giant mushrooms, 600 mad hatter hats, spotted table cloths and striped chair covers; painted backdrops, glowing ceiling flowers, giant teapots and sponsor branded napkin rings; an ordinary ballroom was transformed into a magical wonderland that even Alice would been envious of.

The stunning event came in well under budget and we still managed to throw in a secret hot set from Guy Sebastian too.

Ordinary event producers say it can't be done… we are far from ordinary.

Special Events are just that...

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