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Events are Live.  Deadlines are real.


Oz Rock legends Cold Chisel performed a ticketed event

the evening before our client was scheduled to hold

their annual conference welcome event to 700

delegates. On the same space!


Just to clarify, this was an open space on the waterfront, open to the elements, where every piece of infrastructure had to be installed.


Cold Chisel had over 2,000 patrons to their concert, using a full-scale concert production rig, food outlets, toilets, generators, fencing, ticket booths, and of course all the rubbish that comes with a concert event.


Aspect EIGHT had just 18 hours to turn the entire site around.

Aspect EIGHT dealt directly with the concert producer and sub-contractors to bump out the concert; to a precise schedule; and with access to only one loading dock.  Once this was done we built a 1000m2 free span marquee (normally a two day build); bump in furnishings, staging, technical production, sponsors booths, entertainers and catering facilities. Then we conducted rehearsals.

The event was a success and yes of course...

the deadline was achieved. 

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When what you need is not available – get creative! 


Picture a Gala Awards dinner for 600 people, and a theme of 'Alice in Wonderland’ to be held in a slightly dated ballroom; and in a city that has limited event resources, let alone specialised ones.


We had less than 12 hours to bump in and create a magical world beyond reality.


Not deterred by a good challenge, we designed a complete Wonderland theme utilising our specialised offshore theming partners.  The result was an entire custom solution that was shipped to site ready for installation.  


Giant mushrooms, 600 mad hatter hats, spotted table cloths and striped chair covers; to painted backdrops, glowing ceiling flowers, giant teapots and sponsor branded napkin rings; an ordinary ballroom was transformed into a magical wonderland that even Alice would been envious of.


The entire event came in well under budget and we still managed to throw in a a hot set from Guy Sebastian too. 


Ordinary event producers say it can't be done… we are far from ordinary.



In the world of professional event production, understanding the audience is an essential aspect of communicating and entertaining. 


Our client Queensland Nickel had had a bumper year and they wanted to show off.  The brief was simple…

give us “The Greatest Show on Earth”. So we did.


With 1500 guests, aged from 18 to 66, we had to make the brief a reality for everyone.  We took complete control of an entertainment centre and set out to create events within an event; and unique spaces within the space.


'Cabaret' was for those wanting world-class entertainment, as well as a comfy chair to enjoy the show. 'Freak Show', was exactly that - international freaks brought in from around the globe who seemed to compete with each other on pain tolerance…definitely not for the faint hearted!  Then there was 'Big Top' - with a range of iconic performers complimented by aerial and floor-based entertainers, this arena spectacular razzled and dazzled everyone.


Guests roved through each of the environs, all the while being entertained by spot roving performances…to keep the energy flowing. 1 Event; 94 Entertainers; 3 Unique Shows and 1500 Very Happy Guests.


 'The Greatest Show on Earth' - Job Done.

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To deliver a corporate message through an event, you better make sure you have engaged the emotions. There is little retention of a message if its void curiosity, visual dynamics…and just a touch of WOW! 


Multinational pharmaceutical giant Merial came to us to help unveil a new product to their audience of 700 veterinarians. We needed a technically capable venue and one that would impress both rural and local guests alike. With Sydney as the backdrop; we selected White Bay Passenger Terminal.


The journey started with sunset cocktails on Sydney Harbour then into the venue for dinner and a very strongly brand message with one of our favourite MC's Shelley Craft. Delivered though interspersed technical content, visual overload and intriguing interviews from a 20m balcony, the new product and logo in a climax of dance performance. 


In order to keep the surprises coming, desserts paraded through the audience to lead guests to a whole new space filled with the discovery of festival of entertainment, delicacies and dance. 


The five-coloured logo was repeatedly utilised in the entertainment, lighting, lasers, table centres, and

even the food.  The product is now an industry standard!